What’s the difference between Mirror Wills, Mutual Wills, and Joint Wills in Singapore?

mirror wills singapore

  Very often, married couples wish to plan their wills together, and to allocate their worldly possessions jointly. Many times, they’ll look for a lawyer, requesting that the lawyer draft a will for both husband and wife. In Singapore, the terminology with respects to such wills can be a little confusing and hopefully, this article will…

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What are the benefits of making a Will in Singapore?

benefits of making will Singapore

  Picture this. You’re not that rich. Not by your own standards anyway, which unfortunately, is set at a pretty high bar. You do have some assets but probably not enough at the moment to make you rush out to make a will. You’ll do it soon enough. After that first million. Maybe the second.…

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What you can and cannot give away in your Singapore Will

what can you include in Singapore will

  When speaking to a lawyer in Singapore, many clients often assume they can include everything they “own” under the sun in their wills. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and there are a number of items that should not be included in a Singapore will. The Wills Act (Chapter 352) states that every person may…

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