Can you give away the benefits of your CPF Dependants’ Protection Scheme in a Singapore Will?

cpf dependants protection scheme will singapore

  As a starting point, it should be noted that the CPF Dependants’ Protection Scheme is something completely different from your CPF. You CANNOT will away the CPF monies you have accumulated over the years. These monies do NOT form part of your estate. However, the CPF Dependants’ Protection Scheme is separate from your CPF…

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What can I do if I’m not sure whether the Deceased left behind a Will after passing on?

not sure if deceased left behind will

  This is a situation many Singaporeans commonly find themselves in after a loved one passes away. It seems to be a cultural taboo to discuss death and financial planning after death in Singapore, and as such, many Singaporeans do not discuss with their children or other loved ones whether they’ve created a will. Frequently,…

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The DIY Guide to Drafting Your Own Will in Singapore

drafting your own will singapore

Introduction Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. You can write a will yourself for free in Singapore. Under Singapore law, there is no need to hire anyone to draft your will in Singapore. Not a lawyer. Not a will-drafting company. Not anyone. You can write a perfectly valid will yourself and if you do…

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What happens if I don’t include my family members in my Will in Singapore?

inheritance family provision act singapore

  While many Singaporeans generally create wills to benefit their family and loved ones after they pass on, this doesn’t always strictly have to be the case. For whatever reasons of their own, some testators may not include their immediate family in their wills. As the testator, you may assume that your wishes are paramount…

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How should I keep and store my Singapore Will?

wills storage singapore

  You’ve finally taken the time to have your will drafted by a Singapore lawyer. Everything is settled and you are content with how your assets are going to be allocated after you pass on. Now, there’s just one last thing to consider – where to keep and store the will for safe keeping. It’s…

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Case Study 1: Why you should draft a Will in Singapore even if you don’t consider yourself Wealthy.

draft wills singapore

  Let us consider the following hypothetical situation. Mr. Jason Tan worked as a taxi-driver for most of his life to support his family. Over the past two years, he switched to driving for Uber in order to increase his monthly income. He is divorced, and has three minor children, two girls and one boy.…

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Example of a Will in Singapore

wills template singapore

  The will below is a simple will template for you to adopt and adapt in Singapore. Please note that this does not constitute legal advice and there may be technicalities that are not explained in this sample. If you wish to draft your own will, you should do your own further research to ensure you draft…

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Can I give away my HDB flat in my Singapore Will?

hdb flat singapore will

  Yes, you can. However, in order to “give away” your HDB flat in the will, you will have to be the solo-lessee of the HDB flat. If you hold the property on joint tenancy with somebody else, it will devolve to the remaining joint tenants through the doctrine of survivorship. For example, if you…

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Can you revoke your insurance nominations in a Singapore Will?

insurance nomination singapore will

  You’re in the process of drafting your will in Singapore, and you’ve made a decision to give a valued person the benefits of an insurance policy. However, you’ve made a nomination previously that you’d like to revoke. The big question here is – Can you revoke your previous insurance nomination through a will? In…

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Can I appoint another person to be the guardian of my children in my Singapore Will?

guardianship children wills singapore

  Yes, you can. Section 7 of the Guardianship of Infants Act provides that both the father and mother of a child younger than 21 may appoint any person in their wills to be the guardian of the infant after their death. However, it has to be noted that ONLY the parents can appoint prospective guardians…

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