What are the Duties and Liabilities of Executors and Administrators when Administering an Estate?

duties and liabilities of executor and administrator singapore

What is the Difference between an Executor and an Administrator? When a loved one has passed away leaving behind property, such property must be administered and distributed in accordance with the law. Someone has to be appointed by the Court as an executor or administrator before he or she can administer the estate. While an…

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What is a Trustee and What are the Duties of a Trustee in Singapore?

what is a trustee singapore

  What is a Trustee? In many wills, it is common to note someone being appointed as both “executor and trustee”. While commonly mistaken to be the same thing, an executor and a trustee are actually two different roles. An executor in Singapore has a statutory power of sale for administration purposes. However, those powers…

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Should I hire a Professional Executor to administer my estate in Singapore?

professional executor estate singapore

  In Singapore, it’s not always necessary to hire a professional executor to administer your estate after you pass on. Usually, most people will appoint close friends and family to be the executors of their estate when drafting their wills. However, there are a number of situations when it can be prudent to consider hiring…

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What is the role of an Executor in Singapore and what are the requirements to be an Executor?

executor duties singapore

  One of the first questions a lawyer or a will-drafting provider in Singapore will ask someone who wants a will drafted is who he/she wishes his/her executor to be. Don’t worry, there aren’t going to be any hangmen involved (that’s the role of an executioner, not an executor). In wills and probate parlance, an…

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