Why you should have your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and CPF Nomination done at the Same Time

will lpa cpf nomination singapore

Wills in Singapore We’ve written previously about the importance of drafting your Will in Singapore. However, writing a Will is something many Singaporeans put off, or completely ignore. We’ve speculated that this is a cultural phenomenon, and that Singaporeans are generally pantang about anything to do with death. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that if…

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Muslim Estate Planning in Singapore

muslim estate planning singapore

  Farā’id, or Islamic Inheritance Law / Muslim Intestate Succession Law governs the situation when the deceased Muslim passes away without making a will or when there is no agreement among his heirs on how his estate should be distributed. In Singapore, Farā’id is provided for in the Administration of Muslim Law Act (“AMLA”), and…

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What is the Estate of a person and what forms a person’s Estate in Singapore?

what is estate singapore

  What is the Estate of a Person in Singapore? To put things simply, your “estate” just means everything you own. To define it more narrowly, a person’s estate can be referred to as all of the assets he leaves behind after his death. What forms a person’s Estate in Singapore? 1) Personal Property Personal…

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What exactly is a Trust Fund and do you need to be rich to set up a Trust Fund for your children in Singapore?

trust fund children singapore

  You may have heard the term “Trust fund” before. It’s likely that if you’re not certain what it means, you probably associate the term with ultra-wealthy Singaporeans. Stories tend to propagate about “trust fund babies”, and how these young people are very well taken care of financially for the rest of their lives. However, if…

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What is Estate Planning and do you need an Estate Planning Lawyer in Singapore?

estate planning lawyer singapore

  In Singapore’s increasingly affluent population, estate planning has become an important aspect of our lives. However, while the term “estate planning” is bandied around a lot, not many people know what it truly entails. So What is Estate Planning? Estate planning is the process of determining what you want to happen to your estate,…

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