How to Apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration in Singapore

letters of administration singapore

  Introduction to Singapore Grants of Letters of Administration When a person passes away without making a valid will in Singapore, someone from the family of the deceased will usually apply to the court to take over the administration of the estate. Generally, those applying to take on this responsibility are known as the personal…

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Finding a Lawyer to Reseal a Malaysia Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore

Reseal Malaysian Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

  It has become increasingly popular for Malaysians of means to own properties and shares of public listed companies in Singapore. As such, applications to reseal Malaysian grants have risen in recent years. What exactly is a Resealing Application? Who can Apply to Reseal a Malaysian Grant in Singapore? The person applying to reseal a…

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5 Tips for Choosing a Good Probate Lawyer in Singapore

5 tips to choose a good probate lawyer Singapore

Introduction Choosing a probate lawyer in Singapore isn’t a very difficult task. There are many lawyers who handle probate and administration matters in Singapore and these are everyday “bread and butter” transactional issues for many law firms around our little red dot. However, choosing a good probate lawyer may be a different matter altogether as…

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Islamic Inheritance Law in Singapore: Getting the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration for a Muslim Estate

islamic inheritance law singapore

  Introduction: How are Muslim Estates Distributed? In Singapore, the Intestate Succession Act does not apply to Muslim estates. Muslim estates must be distributed according to Islamic inheritance laws, which is provided for under the Administration of Muslim Law Act (“AMLA”). Islamic inheritance law, otherwise known as Farā’id, governs the situation when a deceased Muslim…

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What is the Process of Administration of Small Estates by the Public Trustee in Singapore?

small estates public trustee singapore

  Introduction For small estates in Singapore which do not exceed the value of S$50,000, the estate can be administered by the Public Trustee without the need for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. For the avoidance of doubt, this S$50,000 does not include the debts of the Deceased. When will the Public…

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What is required to extract Letters of Administration in Singapore when there are minor beneficiaries below the age of 21?

letters of administration minor beneficiaries singapore

  Under Singapore law, at least two administrators have to be appointed as long as there is a minority interest or a life interest in the estate. A minority interest means that there are beneficiaries beneath the age of 21, and a life interest generally means that the asset is given to the beneficiary for…

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How are assets distributed when a loved one dies without making a will in Singapore?

intestate singapore

  While it benefits nearly everyone to have a proper will drafted, not nearly enough people in Singapore do so. This can be for any number of reasons. Sometimes the busy pace of life here gets in the way. Sometimes, a loved one is taken away faster then he or she is supposed to be.…

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