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Need help with Wills, Probate and Letters of Administration matters?

Drafting a will or handling a probate/letter of administration matter tends to be a delicate issue in Singapore. We offer a one-stop solution for you to educate yourself and to hire a law firm with expertise in this area.

Learn more about drafting wills, executor duties, trusts and probate matters.

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We believe drafting a will is necessary for most people in Singapore. We provide you with the necessary information you'll need to create a valid will that is free from defects. Having a proper will drafted ensures that your estate will be distributed according to your actual intentions after you've passed on.

Probate and Letters of Administration

We offer affordable, fixed fee rates so you don't receive any bill shocks during an upsetting and emotionally draining period of time. Our rates are transparent and there are no hidden fees.

Resealing of Foreign Grants

If the deceased is not from Singapore but has assets in the country, it may be necessary to take out a resealing application in Singapore. Our rates to do so are transparent and there are no hidden fees.

Why Use Us?

  • We charge affordable rates for Wills and probate matters.
  • One stop solution. Our range of services help you get to grant of probate and letters of administration with the security of knowing that all work is carried out by qualified professionals.
  • Prices are transparent and fixed from the start.
  • Absolutely no hidden fees.
  • We get back to you within 24 hours.
  • We provide you with free information to educate yourself on the law surrounding wills and probate.


Legal fees for probate services range from a few thousand dollars to as high as five figures in Singapore. However, unless a person's estate is large and complex, probate and letters of administration cases can usually be completed less. We offer affordable rates, and in complex cases, we explain to you any increase in costs from the very start.