What can I do if I’m not sure whether the Deceased left behind a Will after passing on?

not sure if deceased left behind will


This is a situation many Singaporeans commonly find themselves in after a loved one passes away. It seems to be a cultural taboo to discuss death and financial planning after death in Singapore, and as such, many Singaporeans do not discuss with their children or other loved ones whether they’ve created a will.

Frequently, even if the Deceased has mentioned drafting a will, that’s probably as far as the discussion goes, and after the Deceased passes on, his family is none the wiser as to where his will could actually be.

How to Search for the Deceased’s Will in Singapore

1) Make a thorough search of the Deceased’s home.

The Deceased’s home should be the first port of call. Start with the Deceased’s room and pay particular attention to safe deposit boxes and cabinets that are locked. Make sure you search every nook and cranny before moving onto the rest of the house.

2) Speak to other members of the Deceased’s family as well as his close friends.

If you have access to the contact details of other members of the Deceased’s family or his close friends, you should call them up and find out whether they have any information on the Deceased’s will.

3) Make a search at the Wills Registry.

The Wills Registry, which is located at URA Centre (East Wing), 45 Maxwell Road, #06-11, Singapore 069118, is a confidential registry maintained by the Public Trustee that the Deceased may have registered his will with. If you are uncertain whether the Deceased has even created a will, the Wills Registry can be useful in helping you narrow your search.

However, a search at the Wills Registry will only tell you whether a will has been registered there and is not a storage facility for wills. In addition, it is NOT compulsory to register a will with the Wills Registry so you should not rely entirely on the information you receive here.

4) Advertise in the Singapore Law Gazette.

The lawyer you hire can also be asked to advertise in the Law Society’s monthly publication, the Singapore Law Gazette, to ask for information on whether the Deceased had created a will.

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