What is the difference between Contentious and Non-Contentious Probate in Singapore?

contentious probate singapore

  We’ve established what is probate in an earlier article and now we’ll move on to the difference between contentious and non-contentious probate in Singapore. Non-contentious Probate In Singapore, the majority of probate matters are non-contentious. Most non-contentious probate matters tend to be straightforward and in most of these cases, the lawyers appointed are usually…

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Resealing Foreign Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration in Singapore

resealing foreign grant of probate

  Introduction Generally, after a person passes away, that person’s movable property devolves according to the law of the country in which he is domiciled while his immovable property (such as real estate) devolves according to the law of the country in which that immovable property is located. For example, if a person passes away…

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How to withdraw a deceased person’s savings in Singapore without Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate

withdraw deceased person savings singapore

  While Letters of Administration and Grant of Probate are necessary in many situations after the passing on of a deceased person in Singapore, the personal representative of the deceased person may not always need to hire a lawyer to apply for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. If you are closely related…

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How long does it usually take to extract the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore?

  How long is this going to take? This tends to be the question that’s first and foremost on most people’s mind when they approach a probate lawyer in Singapore for the first time. In this day and age, everybody wants instant gratification. Unfortunately, extracting the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore…

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What is the role of the lawyer in non-contentious Singapore probate matters?

non-contentious singapore probate lawyer

  Occasionally, there are disputes over Singapore wills, and certain beneficiaries may choose to challenge the will in a contested probate. However, for the most part, most Singaporean probate matters tend to be uncontested. In uncontested probate cases, Singapore probate lawyers are usually only instructed to extract the grant of probate or letters of administration…

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What exactly does it mean to “Reseal a Commonwealth Grant” in Singapore?

reseal grant of probate singapore

  When a Grant of Representation (Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, depending on whether the deceased died having created a will) has been obtained from a Commonwealth country, or any other approved country (i.e. the deceased passes away domiciled in any of the Commonwealth countries or approved countries), the High Court of Singapore…

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Can I avoid getting a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore?

avoid grant of probate singapore

  Yes, we understand. Hiring a lawyer to extract a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration isn’t a cheap process. There are actually a few scenarios in which you can work around having to extract a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore, although these situations are fairly limited. 1) The estate…

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How to apply for a Grant of Probate in Singapore

singapore probate process

  If a person passes away after making a valid will in Singapore, the executor(s) appointed by the deceased will have to make an application for a Grant of Probate. To find out more about being an executor and what it entails, click here. Essentially, the Grant of Probate is a court order conferring power…

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What exactly is Probate and how do you get a Grant of Probate in Singapore?

grant of probate singapore

  As soon as a loved one passes on in Singapore, generally the first thing his or her family members will do is to find out whether the deceased has written a will, and if so, whether that will is a valid will for which probate can be issued in the Singapore courts. So what…

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Glossary of Common Will and Probate Terms in Singapore

glossary Singapore probate

  The world of Wills and Probate has its own language, and sometimes this language can get a little confusing. Here at Singapore Probate, we’ve set out a glossary of common legal and quasi-legal terms you’ll come across when you’re drafting a will or handling letters of representation. Hopefully, this’ll help you to navigate the…

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