What exactly is Probate and how do you get a Grant of Probate in Singapore?

grant of probate singapore

  As soon as a loved one passes on in Singapore, generally the first thing his or her family members will do is to find out whether the deceased has written a will, and if so, whether that will is a valid will for which probate can be issued in the Singapore courts. So what…

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What is the role of an Executor in Singapore and what are the requirements to be an Executor?

executor duties singapore

  One of the first questions a lawyer or a will-drafting provider in Singapore will ask someone who wants a will drafted is who he/she wishes his/her executor to be. Don’t worry, there aren’t going to be any hangmen involved (that’s the role of an executioner, not an executor). In wills and probate parlance, an…

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Glossary of Common Will and Probate Terms in Singapore

glossary Singapore probate

  The world of Wills and Probate has its own language, and sometimes this language can get a little confusing. Here at Singapore Probate, we’ve set out a glossary of common legal and quasi-legal terms you’ll come across when you’re drafting a will or handling letters of representation. Hopefully, this’ll help you to navigate the…

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What are the benefits of making a Will in Singapore?

benefits of making will Singapore

  Picture this. You’re not that rich. Not by your own standards anyway, which unfortunately, is set at a pretty high bar. You do have some assets but probably not enough at the moment to make you rush out to make a will. You’ll do it soon enough. After that first million. Maybe the second.…

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What you can and cannot give away in your Singapore Will

what can you include in Singapore will

  When speaking to a lawyer in Singapore, many clients often assume they can include everything they “own” under the sun in their wills. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and there are a number of items that should not be included in a Singapore will. The Wills Act (Chapter 352) states that every person may…

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How are assets distributed when a loved one dies without making a will in Singapore?

intestate singapore

  While it benefits nearly everyone to have a proper will drafted, not nearly enough people in Singapore do so. This can be for any number of reasons. Sometimes the busy pace of life here gets in the way. Sometimes, a loved one is taken away faster then he or she is supposed to be.…

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