Can you give away the benefits of your CPF Dependants’ Protection Scheme in a Singapore Will?

cpf dependants protection scheme will singapore

  As a starting point, it should be noted that the CPF Dependants’ Protection Scheme is something completely different from your CPF. You CANNOT will away the CPF monies you have accumulated over the years. These monies do NOT form part of your estate. However, the CPF Dependants’ Protection Scheme is separate from your CPF…

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What can I do if I’m not sure whether the Deceased left behind a Will after passing on?

not sure if deceased left behind will

  This is a situation many Singaporeans commonly find themselves in after a loved one passes away. It seems to be a cultural taboo to discuss death and financial planning after death in Singapore, and as such, many Singaporeans do not discuss with their children or other loved ones whether they’ve created a will. Frequently,…

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What is required to extract Letters of Administration in Singapore when there are minor beneficiaries below the age of 21?

letters of administration minor beneficiaries singapore

  Under Singapore law, at least two administrators have to be appointed as long as there is a minority interest or a life interest in the estate. A minority interest means that there are beneficiaries beneath the age of 21, and a life interest generally means that the asset is given to the beneficiary for…

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The DIY Guide to Drafting Your Own Will in Singapore

drafting your own will singapore

Introduction Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. You can write a will yourself for free in Singapore. Under Singapore law, there is no need to hire anyone to draft your will in Singapore. Not a lawyer. Not a will-drafting company. Not anyone. You can write a perfectly valid will yourself and if you do…

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How long does it usually take to extract the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore?

  How long is this going to take? This tends to be the question that’s first and foremost on most people’s mind when they approach a probate lawyer in Singapore for the first time. In this day and age, everybody wants instant gratification. Unfortunately, extracting the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore…

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What is the role of the lawyer in non-contentious Singapore probate matters?

non-contentious singapore probate lawyer

  Occasionally, there are disputes over Singapore wills, and certain beneficiaries may choose to challenge the will in a contested probate. However, for the most part, most Singaporean probate matters tend to be uncontested. In uncontested probate cases, Singapore probate lawyers are usually only instructed to extract the grant of probate or letters of administration…

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Muslim Estate Planning in Singapore

muslim estate planning singapore

  Farā’id, or Islamic Inheritance Law / Muslim Intestate Succession Law governs the situation when the deceased Muslim passes away without making a will or when there is no agreement among his heirs on how his estate should be distributed. In Singapore, Farā’id is provided for in the Administration of Muslim Law Act (“AMLA”), and…

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What happens if I don’t include my family members in my Will in Singapore?

inheritance family provision act singapore

  While many Singaporeans generally create wills to benefit their family and loved ones after they pass on, this doesn’t always strictly have to be the case. For whatever reasons of their own, some testators may not include their immediate family in their wills. As the testator, you may assume that your wishes are paramount…

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What is a Trustee and What are the Duties of a Trustee in Singapore?

what is a trustee singapore

  What is a Trustee? In many wills, it is common to note someone being appointed as both “executor and trustee”. While commonly mistaken to be the same thing, an executor and a trustee are actually two different roles. An executor in Singapore has a statutory power of sale for administration purposes. However, those powers…

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What is the Estate of a person and what forms a person’s Estate in Singapore?

what is estate singapore

  What is the Estate of a Person in Singapore? To put things simply, your “estate” just means everything you own. To define it more narrowly, a person’s estate can be referred to as all of the assets he leaves behind after his death. What forms a person’s Estate in Singapore? 1) Personal Property Personal…

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