What is the Process of Administration of Small Estates by the Public Trustee in Singapore?

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For small estates in Singapore which do not exceed the value of S$50,000, the estate can be administered by the Public Trustee without the need for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

For the avoidance of doubt, this S$50,000 does not include the debts of the Deceased.

When will the Public Trustee decline to act?

There are a number of situations when the Public Trustee will decline to act. These include, but are not limited to:-

1) When the estate exceeds S$50,000 in value;

2) When there has already been an application for a Grant of Letters of Administration or a Grant of Probate;

3) When the estate has outstanding debts or liabilities;

4) Where the Deceased was involved with a business entity in Singapore (Sole proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company); and

5) Where there are lawsuits pending that concern the Deceased.

Who can make an Application to the Public Trustee?

While there are no strict guidelines in place, the applicants will need to have some form of connection to the Deceased and will likely be a beneficiary or next-of-kin of the Deceased.

How can I make an Application to the Public Trustee?

If the Deceased’s estate falls within the relevant criteria to be administered by the Public Trustee, you can make an application online by logging in with your SingPass at:


What Documents will I need to Prepare?

The documents that need to be sent to the Public Trustee can be found under the List of Required Documents in:


These documents need to be prepared as an addendum to the actual online application and will have to be prepared in advance.

Will there be any Costs involved?

Yes, there will be fees payable to the Public Trustee for this service.

Value of Estate Charge
For the first $5,000 6.50%
For the next $2,000 6.00%
For the next $3,000 4.25%
For the next $10,000 2.75%
For the next $30,000 2.25%

A minimum fee of S$15 applies.

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